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Re: FFT routines Kategorie: Programmierung Assembler (von PepeV - 28.02.2013 15:41)
Als Antwort auf Re: FFT routines von PeterS - 28.02.2013 14:46
Ich nutze:
C-Control Pro Mega128
> > Peter: can you explain why interrupts mess up my routines? Is it that interrupts
> > trigger actions that change registers while my routines are running? Is it the Y-
> > register?
> Hello Pepe,
> you are right. I just had forgotten that the Y-Register should better not be changed,
> because it is normally used as Data Stackpointer. The interrupt routines are using it
> to save the contents of registers.
> Regards,
> Peter
Hi Peter,

There is a remark about the use of the Y-register in the English manual ('do not
use it') but I was uncertain wether that also holds when the register is saved with
push and pop.
The FFT-routines use a lot of (pointer) variables so I can hardly do without the
Y-register. But what is the effect on the program flow when I disable global
interrupts? Will that do any damage? Are there any side effects?


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