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Re: FFT routines Kategorie: Programmierung Assembler (von PepeV - 28.02.2013 21:26)
Als Antwort auf Re: FFT routines von PeterS - 28.02.2013 17:28
Ich nutze:
C-Control Pro Mega128, Pro-Bot128
> > Hi Peter,
> >
> > There is a remark about the use of the Y-register in the English manual ('do not
> > use it') but I was uncertain wether that also holds when the register is saved with
> > push and pop.
> > The FFT-routines use a lot of (pointer) variables so I can hardly do without the
> > Y-register. But what is the effect on the program flow when I disable global
> > interrupts? Will that do any damage? Are there any side effects?
> There is no damage. The only possible side-effect is that that the Timer Interrupt
> could be delayed, and the clock, multitasking & servos might be not accurate.

OK, thanks. I included a warning for these effects in the extended version of the FFT
routines which I attached with this posting. The routines:
1. perform a wave capturing (a series of AD conversions in Free Running Mode)
2. execute 'butterfly operations'
3. calculate the frequency spectrum with an option to return the index of the heighest
   peak (this is handy for commanding the robot).


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