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Re: ADC in Free Running Mode Kategorie: Programmierung C (von PepeV - 21.01.2013 20:13)
Als Antwort auf Re: ADC in Free Running Mode von Torsten - 20.01.2013 11:26
Ich nutze:
C-Control Pro Mega128, Pro-Bot128
> Hallo Pepe,
> you did not write into the ADCSRA-Register (0x06)
> but into the Input-Capture-Register 1 (0x26).
> Where came the address (0x26) from? I don't know. When
> using the function "DirAcc_Write(...)" mistakes can
> be made quickly. If you want to learn your robot, listen
> to you, then the code below could be helpful.
> Gruß Torsten

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for your help. I took a brief look at the programs you sent and I am sure they
are very instructive. But I need some (probably lots of) time to study them, since I
have never done any programming in assembler. I will come back on it but that will
take a while.


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