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Re: Speed of SPI Kategorie: Sonstige Hardware (von PepeV - 4.01.2014 17:44)
Als Antwort auf Re: Speed of SPI von Torsten - 27.12.2013 11:58
Ich nutze:
Hi Torsten,

I hoped you would respond. I think with your example I can now write the assembler code
to store recorded data via SPI in extra SRAM and play it back again.

In the mean time I have written in assembler a 'proof of principle' program. I have been able
to record and play back 0.27 s of sound with the limited 4k SRAM of the robot. I had to make
a small adaptation to the hardware to transform the PWM signal into a proper audio signal
for the speaker. A high off filter consisting of an elco, a capacitor and an inductor sufficed,
though the sound volume is rather low.

It will cost me some time to add the extra SRAM to the robot. Port B0 (SS) is already used to
drive the wheel encoder LEDs so this must be changed. I plan to use 128 kB Non Volatile
SRAM (23LCV1024-I/P from Conrad) together with a coin cell to save the data when the
batteries of the robot are empty or removed, and this must all find a place as close to the
processor as posible.

I'll let you know the results or when any questions arise. Thanks for your help.

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