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Speed of SPI Kategorie: Sonstige Hardware (von PepeV - 23.12.2013 19:54)
Ich nutze:
Hi all,

I want to try a new project with my Probot128 to record and play back
sounds. I can record microphone samples with 7200 Hz with ADC in free
running mode. But I cannot store the samples fast enough because there
is only 4 kB SRAM and EEPROM via I2C is too slow. That is why I am
considering extending my robot with extra SRAM via SPI. The question
is, is SPI fast enough?
In assembler surely SPI would be fast enough, but that would probably
be too difficult for me to program. Could someone tell me how fast SPI
is via the byte interpreter commands? How long take SPI_Write() and

Thanks for any help.

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